What A Gift

This trip, a long planned graduation present for Skye and Caroline, was intended to be the old fashioned kind where one introduces a young lady to Europe and fine art.  Yet, in reality, this adventure ended up being such a present to me.  After the rigors of high school, the college application process, as well as the many challenges that come with teenage years, this vacation was such a respite, an oasis of happiness, a joyful completion to the circle of raising a child.  We laughed, we cried, we toasted to the future and we enjoyed each other.  We learned from the stories each told and we learned how to travel at different paces,  with different interests, and with a variety of expectations…and those differences and that variety created a rich tapestry as told by the blog entries and the photos.

Our planes traveled to the dizzying heights of 40,000 feet, but I would have to say that my heart today soars as high as the stars.  I am home (at the farm), but the memories we created continue to stir my soul.

Our daughters are loving, intelligent, and beautiful.  The world is their oyster and they will surpass my wildest dreams.

I was truly blessed by this experience and I look forward to a bright and exciting future.



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