We’re home

My body tells me it’s 11:00 pm but my watch only says 7 pm…. It’s good to be home, doing laundry, unpacking treasures, filling the refrigerator. Unfortunately, Peter and Matt headed off to Pennsylvania for a lacrosse tournament tonight, so for the first time in two weeks, I’m alone for a bit.

We spent the last two days in Madrid, a beautiful, busy city. All of the buildings were gorgeous on the Gran Via. You know when you go to downtown DC and you look for the occasional beautiful building…the Mayflower Hotel, a favorite embassy on Mass Ave, or the Cosmos Club. Well, on the Gran Via in Madrid, every single building is like that.

We stayed in another good hotel–the Hotel Arosa–which had the world’s smallest elevator in it. This was fascinating: it was trapezoidal, only about 12 inches deep on one side and maybe 24 inches deep on the other. Only two people comfortably fit in it. Suitcases were almost impossible to fit!

The only event worth mentioning is the Prado Museum. They have an incredible collection of paintings, especially Spanish ones, but including many Rubens, Titian, and Rembrandt works. We saw gorgeous Velasquez and Goya paintings. This museum is not to be missed if you’re ever in Madrid.

Thanks for listening in on our trip. Skye has promised an upload of photos this weekend, so enjoy!

love, Beth

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