Trains, Buses, and more walking

As Beth has posted, Hotel Amadeus (once we found it since the Sevilla is a maze) was lovely;  quaint rooms with freshly ironed sheets, roof top terraces with wonderful shade umbrellas, a hot tub (which was really a cool tub in order to cool us off from the hot sun) and wonderful views of the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Sevilla.  We learned to love a meal that is comprised of french fries (or small white potatoes sliced and baked) covered with two or three fried eggs and fabulous Spanish ham (bacon).  Yummmm!  Other dishes that captured our tummies were those same small potatoes topped with a green aoli sauce and small chunks of chicken.  Also incredible.

As I mentioned, the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Sevilla can be a maze, but we quickly learned our way in our small section and then sometimes took walks just wandering to see where each small street would lead us.  It was great.  Often we found shoe shops.  It seems that women all over the world like shoes and Sevilla shop owners aim to please in that area.   Beth found two adorable pairs here and Skye found a great pair in Barcelona.

Today we took the train from Sevilla to Cordoba and then took the bus from the station to the neighborhood of the Alcazar and the Mezquita where we walked in the sweltering heat to the magnificent cathedral (once a mosque) and the Alcazar.  The buildings were magnificent and Skye captured some beautiful architecture in her photos.  We keep promising to post them but we only have one plug converter between us and the charging of two computers and her camera seem to take inordinately long compared to the USA.

Tomorrow we head out from Madrid to Toledo and then we will be home on Friday. It continues to be an amazing trip.  Time flies when you are having fun!

xo Tracey


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