Seville in Summer

It’s hot and dry here in Seville. The sky is clear blue and there are beautiful towers all over town set up against it. Colorful ceramic tiles are everywhere–on walls, under balconies, on roofs. True terra cotta walls… the streets are narrow and cobblestoned. Curvy and hard to follow. A lot of tourists here–the locals don’t give Caroline much of a chance to speak Spanish!

We had to wake up at 4:15 am this morning to catch our flight, so we’re all moving pretty slow. Tracey and I are heading for bed now at 11, but the girls heard of a true flamenco show very nearby, so we’re letting them stay out til midnight.

Our hotel is called Hotel Amadeus and the theme is music performance. Here’s a photo of the lobby:

Lobby of the Hotel Amadeus. The instruments are all available for playing!

I thought of the Elkans–you guys could come here and just pick up and play together! There is an amazing rooftop terrace (including a jacuzzi) that we spent an hour on after dinner watching the sun set. One of the photos is the view of the cathedral from the rooftop. Here are my photos from today (Skye’s will be much better):

Lunch today

Moorish influences

Cathedral square

Seville cathedral from our rooftop terrace
























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