Sunday in Barcelona

I’m running behind, I know. We arrived in Barcelona on Friday evening and quickly found our amazing apartment. It’s like a secret hideaway behind three heavy doors. Here are the doors, in order to unlock…

Door number one

Door number 2

Door number 3


And here’s one photo to give you an idea of the cool, modern look inside. This place is a great find:

This is where the moms are sleeping.

We’re all getting a little tired today, but we continued to walk around to the notable sites: the modernista architecture started by Gaudi in the 19th Century. It’s mid-afternoon and we’re back at the hideaway, doing some laundry, napping, and ultimately packing. (We leave for Seville tomorrow morning at 5 am.) This evening we’ll go out to see Sagrada Famille: Gaudi’s famous church and I’m sure I’ll have more photos for you. Here are my photos from today, starting with Tracey’s modernista hairdo at 9 am this morning:

girls in front of La Predrera


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