Catalunya protests

Being the child of a union organizer I was curious this weekend to discover the reason for the discontent of the Spanish populous as evidenced by the camps of protestors in Catalunya square just two blocks from our apartment.  We visited the park yesterday as well as today, looking at the posters and listening to the youth living in tents with banners asking the government to listen to their requests for jobs, sanitation and equality with the rich.  Google searches educated me to their plight… 45% of the Spanish youth are unemployed.  Elections last month have replaced the socialist government with representatives who want more economic reform, pitting the business investors who want to make cuts against the public who require jobs and services.  Peaceful protests have been waging today with growing numbers of people marching towards the square near our building.  Thousands of people… old, young, families with strollers and bicycles, college students… all walks of life are congregating in Catalunya Square this evening to raise their voices to the government to listen.  They do not want the government to give away public education and healthcare.  Police quietly line the streets.  It appears they will let the people speak as long as there is no violence from the protestors.  As we in the United States face economic decline it is refreshing to see a public alive with passion.  The Spaniards are awake, not sheep lead by the media.  Perhaps Socialism can no longer provide a safety net for everyone, but here, in the heart of this protest one feels vitality not apathy for the future.  May God bless and keep us all!


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